Little Village Hardcore

Through N Through is a hardcore band comprised of four childhood friends from the south side Mexican-American barrio of Little Village, Chicago. The chaos and violence they saw in their blue collar neighborhood as youths motivated them to produce something different; something more positive. The result was Through N Through, one of the angriest sounding bands the south side has seen in years. Through N Through is self-made, self-driven + set to conquer the metal world.


Since guitarist Romario Gutierrez and vocalist Ruben Garza founded the band in 2014, Through N Through has played local DIY shows with bands such as Comeback Kid, Lionheart + Knocked Loose, as well as Villapalooza, a Little Village community art and music festival.

After opening for legendary hardcore band Racetraitor‘s reunion show in 2016, TNT decided to try their hand at touring. The group traveled to Minneapolis, MN + Cleveland, OH before playing their first international show in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2017. Later that year, the band went on a four-day midwest run in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio + Michigan.

In 2018, Through N Through embarked on a twelve-day southwest tour that was completed without help from a record label– true to the band’s DIY ethos, as well as a two week tour in August from the pacific northwest down to the southwest coast of the U.S.

Continuing their journey to perform in new markets, in 2019 Through N Through had the pleasure of performing in New York City, the home of punk rock and hardcore music all together.

Following up on such accomplishment, later that year, Through N Through was able to release their debut full length album “Our Side“. After its release, the band was able to embark on a nation-wide 25 day tour in support of the album where it was received very well by all markets.

So far in 2020, Through N Through has already embarked on a weekend run of shows in the south east region, ranging from Atlanta to Charlotte.

With their sights set on completing longer tours, performing in new cities and writing new music, it is exciting to see what the future will have in store for Through N Through.

Band Members

Ruben Garza– vocalist
Romario Gutierrez– guitarist
Isaiah Rivera– drummer
Sergio Segura– bassist